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Jim and Dianne Woods are the owners of Woods Music.  They have 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren.  Jim has over 30 years of business experience, as he has been the owner and operator of several businesses in the Maynardville, Halls, Lake City and Clinton areas.  Jim has also pastored several churches in the area and still fills in when brother pastors need his assistance.  Both Jim and Dianne have a deep love for gospel music and have enjoyed playing and singing in many area churches. 

Jim has diverse musical interests and seeks to enhance and explore an assortment of other musical styles.  Therefore, he invites everyone who shares his love of music to stop by and "pick a lick or two". 

"MUSIC SELF PLAYED IS HAPPINESS SELF MADE" is what Jim's mother told him when he was a little boy learning to play the guitar.  So the sign that now hangs in front of his business is a tribute to her and her love for music. 

Inside the store, you'll find hundreds of musical instruments.  On display and for sale, new and used are name brands like Martin, Gibson, BlueRidge, Takamine, Epiphone, Fender and, of all things, a brand called Woods  "I'm sure glad they are good guitars since my name is on them" says Jim jokingly.  You'll also find many name brand amplifiers and sound systems and quite a variety of the musical instruments and accessories including strings and parts.  If by chance you can't find something, Jim has the connections and the ability to special order any unique parts or instruments and will be quite happy to do so.  Among the other items in the store are soundtracks, CDs, cassettes, teaching DVDS and printed literature and songbooks for self-help instruction. 

"Our instructors already have many students and are adding more every day.  We offer instruction for piano, guitar, bass, and mandolin" says Jim Woods.   There are also plans to add banjo, fiddle, and steel guitar in the near future.   Please contact Jim at 865-992-0000 or come by the store to set them up.


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